Moroccan Leather Pouf White with Black Stitching Leather Pouf


Moroccan Designer luxury White with Black stitching Leather Pouf Hand Stitched and Embroidered leather pouf. 

Moroccan luxury Beautiful hand-dyed and hand-stitched embroidered Leather poufs.
Premium grade leather is used to make these poufs. Natural leather is tanned by our highly skilled Artisans who use passed down centuries old traditional methods in the tanneries of Marrakesh. These Poufs are made without the use of harmful chemicals therefore producing a beautiful soft designer luxury leather pouf.

Pouf comes in White with Black embroidery. Since these poufs are, tanned, handmade and hand-stitched using traditional Moroccan methods they may have slight variations in colour or pattern.which aids to the beauty of handmade items. The pouf has zip up fastening underneath and comes unstuffed.
Poufs can be stuffed with a range of suitable fillings cotton fiber, flame retardant wool, shredded foam, foam chips, coir, textile scraps etc.

These versatile poufs will add style, elegance, texture and colour to any interior decor modern or traditional use as a footstool, seating, a table, scatter in a penthouse apartment, cosy up by a log fire in a country cottage, or for Indian summers outdoor dinning, group them around the pool for luxury poolside gatherings.

20 in x 14 in width x height 
Pouf arrives unstuffed for cost effectiveness.

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