Boutiquemaroc offer you a fusion of chic Moroccan mid-century rugs and contemporary glamorous interiors for your home. Authentic Beni Ourain, Beni Mirit, Boucherouite, Hanbal, and Azilal vintage rugs.

BoutiqueMaroc are connoisseurs of Moroccan rugs, showcasing a collection of fine hand-picked exquisite authentic one of a kind vintage carpets, Beni Ourain, Azilal and Boucherouite rugs from Morocco, the most desired rugs in their field.
 Minimalist mid century Beni Ourain rugs introduced by mid-century modernists Le Corbusier and Charles & Ray Eames to name such a few will add a touch of luxury to your home.
Beautiful timeless pieces to create a modern minimalist style infused with centuries old traditions. 

Beni Ourain Rug
Beni Ourain rug thick luscious plush pile, sumptuous and tremendously warm underfoot. 





A B O U T  U S

 Welcome to BoutiqueMaroc. A former ceramic artist from London residing in Morocco, as well as the UK. Whilst traveling I spend lots of time in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco sourcing fabulous rugs for our Vintage collection. My passion for unique vintage Moroccan rugs consciously woven by north Africa's Berber tribes leads me to all corners of the Atlas Mountains seeking the very best in exquisite rugs. 

 At Boutiquemaroc you aren't simply just purchasing a rug you are investing in an authentic vintage piece who’s value will increase considerably as time progresses. Our rugs are specially hand picked in the Atlas Mountains by us, solely selecting a few pieces namely the very best for their quality, aesthetics and uniqueness.

Introducing one of a kind items of beauty traditional plush rugs, thick luscious pile, sumptuous and warm underfoot for your space, your home, your sanctuary which will bring years of pleasure and joy for the new custodians. An exquisite rug that can be inherited 
by your loved ones timeless pieces to treasure as a family heirloom to be passed down through the ages. Pieces exquisitely hand-knotted by some of the finest weavers, traditional Berber woman with
an abundance of expertise, expressiveness and wisdom which has been inherited by generations of rug weavers pursuing an ancient craft to be treasured and loved in your home for eternity by you and your loved ones.

S T O R Y  S O  F A R

I love to travel far and wide across mountains, deserts and the lush valleys in Morocco to seek my carpets. Hours are extensively spent in the rug souks where rugs from all over Morocco are bought down using any means of transport possible to be sold of to the highest bidder. Beyond city walls often held in large clearings row upon row of elaborate tents overflowing with rugs and sellers seeking shade from the desert sun attract buyers, traders, from all over the country. Skilfully pushed carts laden with rugs bound for the souks in cities are seen everywhere finding their way through the magical paths of the medina it is a wonder to view indeed. Time spent in these bustling souks consists of viewing, bidding and sipping delicious Mint tea whilst discussing all mannerisms of rugs, watching countless processions by the rug attendants whose very important role is to dazzle the audience whilst carrying, heaving, lugging and exhibiting the most amazing rugs past eagerly awaiting buyers, the atmosphere is alive, energetic and throughly fast paced. An ancient practice unchanged for centuries and we adore being a part of this traditional way of life.

F O R  Y O U

BoutiqueMaroc offers you one of a kind Moroccan rugs and textiles, delicate Handira Wedding blankets, beautiful Boucherouite, elegant Azilal and sumptuous authentic Beni Ourain rugs introduced by mid-century modernists Le Corbusier and Charles & Ray Eames to name such a few. Timeless pieces for your home to create a fusion of modern and traditional style. A chic mid-century, contemporary, glamorous interior for your home.


O U R  C L I E N T S

Thank you to all Royals, Celebrities, VIP, Interior Designers, Galleries, Artists, Architects, Clients Past and Present.


 B E S P O K E

BoutiqueMaroc specialise in creating the most sumptuous bespoke made to order Beni Ourain rugs the most desired in their field. We specialise in offering our clients a bespoke service for their perfect rug to specifically suit their needs with every size, design as well as pattern being catered for. All of our exquisite bespoke Beni Ourain and Beni Mirit rugs are handwoven from the finest sheep's Wool, thick luscious pile, sumptuous and warm underfoot. 

R U G  S O U R C I N G

We source and offer our clients the perfect rug to meet their requirements and expectations. We have a large stock of carpets on the ground in Morocco. Forward an image to us of a rug you like and we can source you a similar piece as each rug is unique in its design. Lead time for bespoke rugs 9-12 weeks completion. Should you require our Bespoke service or Rug sourcing service, please contact us at to enquire. 

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Timeless pieces for your home to create a fusion of modern and traditional style. A chic mid-century, contemporary, glamorous interior for your home.

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