History of Beni Ourain Rugs


Beni Ourain rugs are handwoven from pure organic Wool by the women in the villagers of the Middle Atlas Mountain region in Morocco,many still raise sheep on the high elevations where the sheep produce excellent Wool of the highest grade which is woven into sumptuous Beni Ourain rugs.


Women weave the rugs, each weaver creates a free flowing design from the soul which determines the design,rich texture, natural colours and fabulously Artistic patterns incorporating their own personal experiences into the creation between their fingers, life events a rich story of the weavers exsistance,a glimpse of their inner thoughts and feelings fused with ancient Berber traditions. Each rug is so unique, an elegant field of story telling, sumptuous in texture, soft to the touch, bold yet delicate, no two rugs are alike and each can take years to produce.


Many BENI OURAIN rugs are mid twentieth 
century the Vintage ones being more difficult to uncover and costs are in higher end bracket and considerably more than the new or commercial ones produced today of which some may not be authentic Moroccan rugs.


Vintage BENI OURAIN have softer more supple texture often with a slight buttery tone to the Wool.Completion time frame for rugs can be years

The older the more softer and supple the texture also designs of patterns more intricate displaying the weavers skill, more modern examples of the late 20th Century display minimal abstratch lines perfect for todays contemporary surroundings. BENI OURAIN were never produced wider than 7 FT. This was mainly due to the nomadic nature of the Tribe and the need for portability of the looms.

Cream field characterized by geometric patterns consisting of geometric Black or Brown lines that create diamond and abstract shapes often asymmetrical. Older rugs displaying more elaborate designs.


Double knot rich fluffy sumptuous pile pure undyed. In the villages of the Middle Atlas Mountain Region in Morocco many still raise sheep on the high elevations where the sheep produce excellent Wool of the highest grade which is woven into Beautiful BENI OURAIN Rugs.


If you require a specific design or size of vintage BENI OURAIN rugs (Beware of newly produced rugs sold as vintage) please enquire as we are constantly sourcing inspirational unique pieces in Morocco.


We can source and offer our clients the perfect rug to meet their requirements and expectations. We have a large stock of carpets on the ground in Morocco. Forward an image to us of a rug you like and we can find you a similar piece as each rug is unique in its design.