History of Moroccan Wedding Blankets



Blankets are traditionally hand made by Berber women in their homes in Atlas Mountain region of Morocco, a gift bestowed to a Bride on her Wedding Day. Female relatives gather round months before the big day to weave and hand decorate these beautiful traditional blankets the very topic of Love, romance and the brides future role as a wife and marital matters are discussed.

Blankets are hand woven from beautiful neutral creamy Wool or Cotton containing fluffy texture. Accentuated with big bushy bands of fluffy Cream texture enlivened with hundreds of round mirrored sequins (Muzona) which traditionally ward of the evil eye and protect the new bride and her husband this process take many hours even weeks to attach each sequin individually once the weaving is complete.

Stunning embroidered Kilim bands often see on the reverse with talismanic properties displays the weavers skill and attention to detail. Blankets are completed with a fringe of cotton or twisted individual delicate knotted strands of Wool. With the final piece blessed and full of the Berber woman’s love, imagination, expression and unique hand made decoration each blanket is a work of art identical to none and a treasure got the bride.

A traditional weaving ritual passed down by generations of Berber woman Handira blankets are made with love and thought to be a blessing to bestow good luck and fortune to the newlywed. These sparkly shimmering blankets hand crafted for the Bride on her Wedding day used as a cape or blanket for the journey to the Bride's new home.

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