EGG Moroccan Berber basket Large


These EGG Moroccan woven baskets are uniquely handmade using ancestral weaving techniques passed down to generations. Hand crafted to a high standard of craftsmanship by Berber woman in the Atlas Mountains. 

Stylish baskets combining a traditional design with a contemporary modern feel.
These baskets are versatile as well as functional and can be used to store a variety of things.

Elegant baskets for your storing your laundry, ideal in children’s room for storage of toys and a perfect hideaway for trinkets and personal items. A fitted lid is used to close the baskets adding a wonderful organic shape to the basket.

These Moroccan baskets look good stand alone for an organic natural look to your decor.

A P P R O X  S I Z E Large Basket 

Height 44 cm 

Width 28 cm ( Widest point)


 M A T E R I A L Rattan Plant Fibre


C O L O U R. Natural 

O R I G I N Made in Morocco

Since this is a handcrafted product and due to its hand made nature there may be slight variations in shape, tone and size ( +/- 5%) as each basket is unique in its own right.

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