Vintage Double Sided Moroccan Wedding Blanket Vintage Throw Rug H814


Rare Double Sided Moroccan Wedding Blanket Handira With Cape Ties H814

Vintage piece traditionally hand made by Berber women in their homes in Atlas Mountain Region of Morocco a gift bestowed to a Bride on her Wedding Day. 

Accentuated with big bushy bands of fluffy  White texture enliven with round mirrored sequins (Muzona) which take many hours even weeks to attach once the weaving is complete, embellished with hundreds of sequins makes this Handira a unique piece.

Stunning  doubled sided blanket with embroidered Kilim bands and sequins on double side displays the weavers skill, crraftmenship and attention to detail.
Completed fringe of twisted individual delicate knotted strands of Wool. Very chic and glamorous.

Handira blankets are made with love and thought to be a blessing to bestow good luck and fortune to the newlywed. Hand crafted for the Bride on her Wedding day used as a cape or blanket. Unique variation to sizing.

Age <> Vintage
Size <> 96 cm - 109 cm ( Width size at each end  x  205 cm  Length / 3’2 - 3’7” x 6'9" 
Material <> Wool Cotton Sequins
Colour <> Cream White
Origin <> Made in Morocco

 *Please note this Handira will be shipped direct from the UK by secure fast courier delivery service with guaranteed delivery. 


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