Vintage Azilal Rug Mid Century Moroccan Rug



Vintage AZILAL Moroccan Rug <> Diamond Motif Tasseled Vintage Modern Mid Century Rug  

Beautiful Vintage Moroccan Azilal Rug handmade by women in their homes in the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco. Each rug is hand knotted from organic undyed natural wool. Beautiful sumptuous soft pile woven from the weavers imagination, colours design and motifs chosen as expressions of Moroccan tribal tradition.


Traditional rugs have no backing and the back displays the intricate knotting and weaving of the Artisan.Beautiful Unique Single Knot Vintage Azilal Rug,Cream Wool field with Simplistic Geometric Male symbols with fringing.

Age <> Vintage
Material <> Wool
Weave <> Single Knot
Colour <> Cream
Rug Size <> 
Rug Size <> 2 m x 123 -140 cm (unique variation to sizing opposite widest at 140 cm )
Origin <> Made in Morocco
Region <> Azilal

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