Large Luxury Moroccan Raffia Placemats Hand Woven Wedding Charger Raffia Fringe Set of Six



Set of 6 Luxury Moroccan Raffia Placemats. Hand woven Wedding charger.

Wow your wedding guests with these chic Moroccan hand woven placemat, a stylish Wedding charger used with complimentary glass and table ware.  Make a bold statement in your home interior, hand woven in Morocco from Raffia grass finished with a decorative straw fringe in shades of natural Blues and Greens 

Perfect to create a bohemian style, chic Moroccan or beach shack look your home interior.

On trend this season for restaurants and bistro cafe. Perfect for Wedding parties to create a chic stylish look to your Wedding table.

M A T E R I A L  Rattan Raffia Straw

S I Z E  Diameter 45 cm

T R I M Raffia 

Q U A N T I T Y  Set of 6 pieces 

O R I G I N  Morocco 


Please note

Due to the handmade nature of Raffia items, dimension, colours and texture each one is unique no two are exactly the same and may differ slightly from image displayed.

Custom orders welcome enquire for details. Shipped by fast secure courier direct from Morocco.

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