Taroudant Moroccan Rattan Conical Lampshades x 3 Natural Woven Raffia Lampshade Pendant Light


Set of 3 individual Moroccan Hand-woven Natural Rattan Conical Lampshade Pendant Light


Natural Raffia Rattan hanging Cone lightshade pendant.

These trendy Raffia  lightshades are handmade by our Moroccan artisans. Braided and woven lamps in contemporary style with trailing Rattan fringe.

Woven pattern with braided hanging loop on a metal frame structure with bulb holder. Use with low wattage lighting indoors or on the patio for that soft magical glow.

Highly sought-after contemporary light shades loved by interior designers and style magazines are fast becoming a must have item for your interior and exterior space.

Place these light shades in living areas and kitchen or simply in your favourite nook to add some bohemian style. Group together to create a striking focal point in your restaurant or for the sheer wow factor on a roof terrace.These stunning Moroccan lights are the latest trend in outdoor ambience lightening Ideal for Restaurants, Bistro cafes and rooftop galleries.

S E T  O F  
3 Pendants in Natural 

M A T E R I A L Rattan Raffia 

C O L O U R Natural


7 cm Diameter Top

50 cm Diameter Base

40 cm Height 

30 cm Fringe length

F I N I S H  Contemporary cascading grass fringe

O R I G I N  Made in Morocco 



C A R E. Avoid direct exposure to the elements 

Shipped by safe secure couriers direct from Morocco with guaranteed delivery. Since these items are handmade please allow for the processing of your order 1 week unless items are in stock ready for dispatch in 1-3 days.

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