Vintage Moroccan BENI OURAIN Rug Petite Lozenge



BENI OURAIN 345 cm x 180 cm <> Moroccan Rug Irregular Lozenges Tasseled Contemporary Modern Mid Century.

Pure Wool rug, a traditional Berber rug handpicked in the Atlas Mountain Region.Hand woven by women from the Beni Ourain tribes from Morocco.Minimalist contemporary rugs thick luscious pile, sumptuous and warm underfoot.

Material <> Handwoven from Wool
Field <> Organic Pale Cream 
Texture <> Dense Soft pile
Weave <> Berber Double Knot
Age <> Vintage 45-50 Years
Size <> 345x 180cm/   with 12cm long tassels
Origin <> Made in Morocco


<> Please note the following information is for your attention <>


All rugs are cleaned prior to shipping. Any restoration work is completed free of charge by our dedicated weavers in Marrakech. Items are shipped direct from Morocco by secure fast couriers with guaranteed delivery. 


R U G  A F T E R C A R E


We also recommend that a rug pad be used underneath your rug this Contributes to the following

1<>  Adds longevity of the rug.

2<> Protects the weave.

3<> Prevents movement. 

4<> Protects the underside from any soiling.

Regulary vacumn depending on traffic use (using a canister type) using a side to side motion to minimise any disturbance of the delicate fibres. Professional cleaning is recommended although if spillage occurs spot clean immediately using a plentiful supply of water only blot and work from the outside edge into the centre of spill. Test a small corner prior to this for colour run and seek professional advice from a specialist.

Rotate your rug occasionally throughout the year to even out traffic wear. Rugs are beautiful on the reverse side to and can be used in the summer months in this position giving your space a lighter feel.

H I S T O R Y 

Moroccan rugs are traditionally handmade on wooden looms sometime makeshift ones and will have been creatively woven or hand-knotted over a long period of time by the weaver, thus rugs may not be perfectly symmetrical in areas It may be tapered at one end of the rug or have a slight freeform shape rather than be straight.

Vintage items may of had a past life being used by the weavers family and since it was mainly the woman who created these rugs for the home. Most commonly Berber tribes would not only pack up their rugs but the loom too in the process which was portable notably no more than 7 ft in length, the need for portability was important to aid travel to the next grazing pasture or village.

Tassels were hand-knotted few were non uniform whilst over time some could become dishevelled or unravelled there may be slight signs of natural fading which echos a rich organic patina to the field. Henna spots, wax, slight fraying or small repairs may be evident in hand-woven vintage rugs and textiles these are not factory produced but lovingly hand-made using age old traditional methods. This is all part of the character, charm, beauty and history these attributes are the things that make the rugs unique allowing an investment in an authentic vintage piece to be cared and loved by all as it had before.


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