Moroccan Tagine Large Ceramic Vessel Decorative Hand-Made Tagine


Beautiful large Berber Moroccan hand made and hand painted Tagine.

At the heart of North African Berber fine cuisine, the tagine, it’s use in Berber Moroccan cooking is essential. Hand made and decorated in a beautiful white glaze the traditional shape which consists of a circular shallow base and a conical shape lid to fit has been used for centuries.

This tagine can be used as a serving dish or as a decorative utensil for your interior.

S I Z E  cm diameter x cm height large 

M A T E R I A L Clay

F I N I S H White Glaze

S H A P E Conical

O R I G I N Berber

This item is entirely hand-crafted by master artisan potter in Morocco. Slight imperfections may be visible these are characteristics and charm of hand made items.

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