Dogon Door Vintage African Granary Door


Dogon Granary Door from Mali.
Dogon doors are often a sign of status in the village the higher one's status, the more grandiose and complex in design the granary door would be.
These doors made of local hardwood with a simple latch lock mechanism were used in openings which are similar to windows in granary’s to protect each family's grain harvest in the village.

Beautiful decoration of relief carvings on the panels  depicting  ancestors, primitive forms, animals, sun lizards and images of everyday life served as protection to the entrance of the buildings. Ancestral beings carved on the door with the sole purpose of protecting what lies on the other side.
This door has a wonderful aged patina and is in beautiful condition

M A T E R I A L  African Hardwood

H E I G H T  21 Inches 

W I D T H  16 Inches 
O R I G I N  Mali 
D E C O R Low Relief Carvings

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