Moroccan BENI OURAIN vintage rug hand-woven plush Berber rug


V I N T A G E  B E N I  O U R A I N  BQ1888

Authentic Vintage BENI OURAIN 12’4”x 6’2”<> Moroccan Rug Petite Diamond Linear Tasseled Contemporary Mid Century

Pure Wool rug, a traditional Berber rug handpicked in the Atlas Mountain Region. Minimalist contemporary rugs thick luscious pile,sumptuous and warm underfoot.

M A T E R I A L <> Handwoven from Pure Wool

H U E <> Cream Light and dark Brown tones 

T E X T U R E  <> Rich Pile

W E A V E <> Berber Double Knot

A G E <> Vintage 1970s

S I Z E <> Approximately 375 x 187 / 12 Ft 4” x 6’2” (excluding tassels 13 cm long )

P I L E <> 3-4 cm

O R I G I N <> Made in Morocco


*Please note the following information is for your interest*

All rugs are cleaned prior to shipping. Shipped direct from Morocco by secure fast couriers with guaranteed delivery. Please allow for processing of order 1-2 Days. We will provide tracking number upon request once your order has been dispatched.


R U G  A F T E R C A R E


We also recommend that a rug pad be used underneath your rug this Contributes to the following

1<>  Adds longevity of the rug.

2<> Protects the weave.

3<> Prevents movement. 

4<> Protects the underside from any soiling.

Regulary vacumn depending on traffic use (using a canister type) using a side to side motion to minimise any disturbance of the delicate fibres. Professional cleaning is recommended although if spillage occurs spot clean immediately using a plentiful supply of water only blot and work from the outside edge into the centre of spill. Test a small corner prior to this for colour run and seek professional advice from a specialist.

Rotate your rug occasionally throughout the year to even out traffic wear. Rugs are beautiful on the reverse side to and can be used in the summer months in this position giving your space a lighter feel.

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